Welcome to The Clown Town NFT

A limited NFT collection where the token itself doubles as your membership to the Clown House. We are wicked!

Clown Town building play2earn game on solana.

Welcome to The Clown Town

Do I look like the kind of clown that can start a movement?

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  • Stage 1

    The Clown Town Tax is implemented on all transactions made on  the secondary markets. The Tax fee is stored in the Clown Town Vault and used to finance the game development.

  • Stage 2

    The numbers are growing within the society, We reveal our female clowns. Of course special free drops to long term holders and minting for the rest. Now all the Jokers get females badass partners. Harleys of The Clown Town arrives to the project.

  • Stage 3

    Fees from the public sale of the male and the female clowns are used for game development with in-game economics and capabilities for Clown Town NFT Holders.

  • Stage 4

    Play 2 Earn Game Development continues.

    Development of a player-owned ecosystem where Clown NFTs will generate rewards of in-game cryptocurrency tokens which can be moved to exchanges and sold for other tokens.

    The Clown Town Game will be  developed as  "GameFi", platform that turn regular users into decision makers meaning a player-owned economy. The System will be implemented through governance tokens, which give the player the power to take part in the games’ development and fund allocation in a transparent system.

    Players and Clown Town NFT owners will be able to receive a share of the game’s revenue and stake their nfts for passive income.

  • Stage 5

    All the Clowns have now moved to the Clown Town where they belong. The Clown Town Economy is self sustained. Time to help. Part of the Clown Town economy will be used for a charity organization voted by the citizens of The Clown Town. The first payout will be indisputable it goes to charity for Anti-Bullying. Joker got bullied and look what happened . The world only needs one crazy Clown Town.

  • Stage 6

    Building out the DAO where everything will be voted on and influenced directly by the community! We will implement a DAO system where holders will be able to participate and vote for the future of the project.